More and more Americans are supporting “Made in the USA” Products.

A little history… Today, whenever there is a political campaign, we picture bumper stickers, metal campaign buttons, yard signs, caps, and banners throughout our hometowns. Are they Made in the USA or overseas? Probably a little of both.
But, did you know that promotional products in the USA originally started a long time ago! 1789, to be exact!

At that time the US Flag looked like this:

The first promotional product was a commemorative button made for George Washington’s inauguration. Only military officers wore the brass buttons to show their support for the election of George Washington. These brass buttons were mainly for the elite costing up to 6 months’ salary. Recently, some of these buttons were found in New Jersey and are known to have set the precedent for future political campaigns!

First Promotional Products

The benefits of Supporting “Made in the USA” Products:

  • Generates employment opportunities in the USA and keeps American manufacturing strong.
  • Many reusable and recyclable GREEN products.
  • Pollution Control-US companies are under strict regulations on disposing of industrial waste which keeps their operations clean and eco-friendly benefitting our entire world.
  • American companies are also under stringent manufacturing regulations for quality and control and pay fair wages.

Becoming increasingly more sophisticated and nimble, American manufacturers are investing in software and automation to reduce costs and be competitive. Using 3D printing, robotics, plastic injection molding, and logistics software is improving output and quality of products.

78% percent of Americans would prefer to buy USA products according to Consumer Reports. The good news is that there is a rising trend for American Made products both here and abroad!

Some of the most popular USA Made Promotional Products are Stadium Cups, Buttons, Plastic and Glass Drinkware, Paper Products, Recycled Products, Bumper Stickers, Golf and Beach Towels, Neoprene Koozies and Molded Plastic Products.

All Made In America

Branded Chip Clips

Branded Plastic Cups Made in America

Made in America Branded Premium Lip Balm

Branded Made in America Water Bottle

Branded Bar Glasses Made in America

Branded Made in America Beach Towels

Made in America Glass Water Bottle

Branded Note Pad Made in America

Branded Made in America Wine Glass

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