And how you can get ‘more’ for your money!

perceived value in promotional products

Value in marketing, also known as customer-perceived value, is the difference between a prospective customer’s evaluation of the benefits and costs of one product when compared with others. Value may also be expressed as a straight-forward relationship between perceived benefits and perceived costs: Value = Benefits / Cost.

I just completed a social test on LinkedIn about what the value is of the backpack above and the range is amazing; the lowest guess was $19.00 and highest was $89.00 with the correct answer with a 250-piece order is $39.99. 8 out of the 15 respondents guessed over $39.99! The power of promotional products is strong and the perceived value by your clients is there and the actual value on your bottom line is amazing!

using a backpack as for promotional product marketingIn comparison; check out this bag from Nordstrom with a retail price of $100.

In the promotional products industry, a company can spend less and get more for lack of a better term. If you are familiar with the show Design on a Dime or read Coastal Living magazine, you will know that you can “Get the Look for Less” without sacrificing quality! An added benefit is that most of our products have multiple color choices and sizes. This increases your value by coordinating with your corporate colors – plus you get your corporate branding as well!

I would like to share three products that do just what is described here so that you will know how to get the best bang for your buck and be a Rockstar for your boss or at your next event!

Yeti Tumbler $29.99

Yeti Tumbler Branded Promotional Products

Eddie Bauer Radiator Mens Jacket: $80.00

Eddie Bauer Branded Promotional Radiator Mens Jacket

Lululemon Surge Backpack - $128

Lululemon Surge Backpack Branded Promo Marketing

The ID Himalayan – as low as $8.75

Branded Tumbler Promotional Products from ID Yourself

The ID Promenade Jacket as low as $39.00

Jackets available as branded promotional marketing products

The ID Basecamp Globetrotter Backpack – as low as $34.99

Value Backpack for Promotional Product Marketing

Click below to check out our brand name products!

Under Armour – Columbia – Nike – Adidas – North Face – Puma and more!

Name Brand Apparel to use as Branded Promotional Products


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