Promo Camper or Promo Glamper

If you like your coffee with a little dirt and pine needles, you might be a camper…

If you like your coffee with a shot of vanilla and a swirl of cream, you might be a glamper…

I grew up camping in a tent outside and enjoyed time in the Boy Scouts camping out west at the Scout Ranch in New Mexico and at campgrounds from the Appalachians to the Coast of North Carolina. We had much fun camping; cooking hamburgers in leaves over the fire; learning to tie knots and how to keep bears from getting our food.

The times have changed for our family and we are teaching our children the fun of camping and have crossed the line into glamping and are finding ourselves as parents enjoying the comforts and amenities of running water and a home on wheels while enjoying time outdoors with our children.

Some tent campers would consider RV campers as supersized imposters to the wilderness and expect the outdoors to accommodate them vs. giving in the call of nature. They drive monstrously large vehicles with big trucks that cause pollution and defeat the purpose of a pure environmental camping experience. RV’ers drag along all the items that tent campers try to avoid at all costs.

And some of the RV Campers would consider tent campers as lazy slackers that cook mac and cheese and hotdogs for dinner; calling it a culinary delight. They huddle around smoky fires looking bewildered after a wet escapade across a roaring river.

Tent campers surely love to get home and enjoy a hot shower and a little football on TV and toss the gear in the garage for the next trip; on the other hand – RV Campers have chores to do when they get home, clean out the fridge, turn off the propane, wash the rig, drain the pipes and more…

So where does that leave us and what is the difference between camping and glamping and how do we define what is the best marketing promotional products mix for our companies?

Maybe a definition of Camping and Glamping would be appropriate and how each can reach out to a distinct set of demographics with the idea of generating more business and brand loyalty for your company by including promotionally branded products in your marketing mix.

Glamping is a portmanteau of glamour and camping and describes a style of camping with amenities and, in some cases, resort-style services not usually associated with “traditional” camping. Glamping has become particularly popular with 21st-century tourists seeking the luxuries of hotel accommodation alongside the escapism and adventure recreation of camping. Typically, in a recreational vehicle or luxurious tent.
Source: Wikipedia

Camping is an outdoor activity involving overnight stays away from home in a shelter, such as a tent. Generally, participants leave developed areas to spend time outdoors in more natural ones in pursuit of activities providing them enjoyment. To be regarded as “camping” a minimum of one night is spent outdoors, distinguishing it from day-tripping, picnicking, and other similarly short-term recreational activities. Camping can be enjoyed through all four seasons.
Source: Wikipedia

A camper might gravitate towards brands like North Face, Marmot, REI, Arcteryx, or Columbia – an RV’er might gravitate towards items like Leveling Blocks, Water Pressure Regulators, sewer hoses an RV Fridge Fan or Collapsible Squish Bowls and talk about Boondocking and Dry Camping. Two totally different languages.

Either way; it is the goal of these brands and products to capture the most attention that they can by providing a quality product at a fair price – Mountain Hardwear says they have jackets that are good at or below zero-degree conditions! Collapsible Squish Bowls are a most ideal utensil for a camper because of space limitations. Learn your customers language!

The goal for any marketing strategy is to find a branded product that can represent a brand and cause a reaction whether it is a sale or to cause a prospect to become an evangelist for your brand! We want people to talk and talk a lot about your brand; that is our goal as marketing specialists.
Finding the right mix of camping and glamping is like finding the right promotional mix for your company – just the right mix and you will have success and a little bit of fun!

I wanted to share some of my favorites and some of the must have items that we travel in our camper that we just can’t live without!

Must Have Items to Consider for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

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Laundry Bag

Branded Laundry Bag

Multi-Purpose Lighter

Branded Multi-Purpose Lighter

Vacuum Bottle

Branded Vacuum Bottle

Coffee Mug

Branded Coffee Mug

Plaid Sherpa Blanket

Plaid Sherpa Blanket

Hydration Pack

Branded Hydration Packs

Pop Up Lantern

Branded Pop-Up Lantern

Camping Bottle 32oz

Branded Camping Bottle

Packable Backpack

Branded Packable Backpack

Stone Power Bank

Branded Power Bank

Trekking Pole

Branded Trekking Pole

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