The Squad Winning the Branded Merch Game

Meet the Identify Yourself Crew

These happy smiling faces make up the incredible team at Identify Yourself. We are a vibrant group of marketing minded folks that come for a variety of sales and advertising backgrounds. Each team member adds their own unique perspective and talent into each project and order.

I am an Eagle Scout!

Joseph Ausband

CAS – President
877-303-1049 ext. 204

I hiked the Appalachian Trail!

Thad Ausband

Vice President Finance & Operations
877-303-1049 ext. 209

Nancy Brown
I spend every 4th of July at the beach!

Nancy Brown

Sr. Brand Manager
877-303-1049 ext. 206

I'm always first to help a teammate or client!

Chris Clark

Sr. Brand Manager
877-303-1049 ext. 205

Brian Bouma

Brian Bouma

Brand Manager

Haley C

Haley Cardinale

Account Manager


Jenny Weaver

Account Manager


Tina Dismaya

Sales Assistant

I used to live in Hawaii!

Connie Gotthelf

877-303-1049 ext. 210

Casey Burch
I'm a HUGE Patriots fan!

Casey Burch

Graphic Design
877-303-1049 ext. 213