Sparked an interest I see? What made you click? Was it a thread of doubt in the design of your current logo? Feeling like it isn’t quite doing the trick anymore? Maybe you don’t have a logo at all and need one … hey, that’s OK too!

The most important thing is knowing the purpose of a logo and why it matters. It’s simple. The sole value of your logo is to Identify Yourself.

Think of it like this. Your face is basically your personal logo. It identifies you. Here is why I picked this analogy. It is interview day at a job you’ve dreamed of for years. What are you going to do prior to this very important day? Get a haircut maybe, get in a fresh shave guys? Dab on some nice smelling cologne or perfume. Put on a nice new clean outfit all ironed and ready to go? If you are thinking, ‘yeah, sounds about right’; then, it’s time to carry this all back over to the logo conversation. In a sense, your logo should be doing the same thing. It should be giving the very best impression of your brand and your company. It needs to be clean cut, recognizable, easy to read. If it’s not any of these things, it is time to REVAMP! If you are not completely satisfied with your logo appearance, it might be like going into that interview fresh out of bed, morning breath, bed head, un-showered and smelly… who’s going to want to give you a chance in a room full of people who look like
they tried?

Your logo is the first impression for your business – before words have been spoken, before you get a chance to greet someone with a smile or explain why your company is the right choice for them. Whether we like it or not, logos subconsciously influence decisions. Think about it. You are at the grocery store shopping for a meal you’ve never made before, and there are some ingredients on your list that you’ve never bought before. You find the aisle with the ingredient you need – but – there are five different brands… and they are all the same exact price and size. Are you going to pick up the one that attracts you the most? Will you choose the one that best portrays its message to you? Now I get it, your logo is more than likely not for a food product, but it works the same for every company. You are going to have competitors offering the same thing as you at about the same price as you. You will not always get that chance to win over a customer with your personality. THEREFORE, your logo needs to get your foot in the door, so you can close the deal.

Ask yourself, do you feel like your logo is pulling its weight for you in that type of scenario? A mistake many people make with their logo is trying to cram in TOO MUCH INFORMATION.

I promise, LESS IS ABSOLUTLY MORE! Now obviously not every company can just do a Nike check mark, and have it work for them. However, you want your world to recognize your company. A symbol with no name doesn’t happen overnight. (Apple is the best example!). Clean – Simple – Easy to Read – Easy to remember- Less is more – No more than two fonts. These are key factors for a good logo.
If your logo isn’t checking these off, then it’s time to REVAMP!

A great example would be Pepsi:
Pepsi Logos Over the Years

First logo 1898 … this is awful yall…hard to read, busy, distasteful, a real nightmare! You’ll notice that over time Pepsi kept cleaning it up, getting simpler, and as time goes by, less busy. That is what you want. You don’t want people to have to take more than a split second to read, recognize and remember your logo. This is especially important on your vehicle.

Another reason that it may be time to revamp your logo is that your company has evolved and grown. While you may have started off pushing a lawnmower from house to house on the weekends cutting grass, now you have a fleet of trucks with John Deere lawnmowers cutting acres of land. The logo on the left does not reflect that you are a high end professional landscaping service.

Isn’t the logo on the right better suited for you now??

This goes the opposite way as well…

If you have a logo that is super fancy and high end and you attract clients with multimillion dollar homes but fail to deliver competent and superior service – this logo may hurt your reputation by seeming to offer more than your service provides. Logos are important.
Here is another example:

A Professional Wedding Photography Business

This logo is telling me that this photographer most probably focuses photos of children. It never crosses my mind that this is a high-end professional wedding photography company.

Good news!! If you’ve stuck with me and finished reading this BLOG, and are feeling unsure about your current logo, please let me help you get a logo that accurately represents you and your company, stands out, is easy to remember and kicks your competition to the curb! Let’s REVAMP!

Casey Burch

Hey! I’m Casey, it should have been spelled kSea because I am a beach girl through and through. Outer Banks born and raised. Your typical beach bum who spends as much of my time in the ocean and on the beach as possible. You can usually find me one of 5 places throughout the year. Work- Hey we all have to do it right? It does help when you love what you do though! Watching Football, Go Patriots! At the Baseball field watching my favorite guy on the field. In the Ocean teaching my son to surf or laid up on the beach soaking in all the beauty the Outer Banks has to offer. If I’m not one of those 4 places then you can probably find me dragging my boys to the pumpkin patch with me and haunted houses, hay rides, corn mazes. October is my favorite! I am a boy momma who enjoys skatepark visits, nerf gun wars, surfing down the sand dunes when they are covered in snow the few rare times we get snow here. I am a Graphic designer who loves to put a new spin on things and bring your thoughts and ideas on to paper with a creative flare.