What was the best gift you ever received?

When asked – most people will recall memories of their favorite holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or other celebrations of accomplished milestones. For instance, you may think of your first bicycle, a pet, a cherished picture, or that gold watch to celebrate your retirement. Most, if not all these items share one very important thing in common – packaging!

First Impressions with Custom Packaging

Your packaging is the gold star of your marketing mix – it can dictate how well your strategy is working. Packaging is what shows off your product in the best light and communicates the product’s benefits to your client or end user. Your product selection or promotion may be the very best on the market, but its packaging needs to be the main tool that represents this. It’s the first thing people see, and it can catch or divert their attention within seconds.

With promotional branding often being the last part of your branding strategy, packaging often gets overlooked. However, the way a gift is presented can be just as important as the gift itself. Taking the extra time to design a gift box, maybe some ribbon/bow, or possibly wrapping the item can be the difference between receiving an ordinary trinket and being GIFTED something unique and appreciated.

When designing your next promotional event, make sure to ask your promo guy/gal about the latest options for packaging. Custom gift boxes can be created for most items, and at a surprisingly small investment. And remember to get creative with your packaging. Use it to reinforce your message, or to create a Call to Action. When you control the message – it doesn’t just have to be a pretty box – it can be an additional tool in your marketing toolbelt!

If you have questions about packaging options – just reach out to your crew at ID. We’ll happily help add some BOOM to your next event!

Brian Bouma

Brian comes to ID with over 10 years of experience in the promotional branding industry. He regularly attends trade shows in Las Vegas, Orlando, Richmond, and Chesapeake to stay current with the latest products and branding capabilities. He is quick to recommend tried and trusted products, but where he really shines is being able to steer you away from the products with less than stellar reviews. His quick response time, follow through, and attention to detail will keep you confident your order will arrive on time and ready to impress.

Brian hails from Chesapeake, VA and enjoys RV trips with his wife Paige and two sons (Brandon & Adam).