We get what you mean when you say, “Give us something creative!” Our design team can craft up a design or logo that captures your business’ personality and aesthetic. Digitizing, virtual samples, and vector art conversions are skills we’ve perfected to make your logo print as clearly and professionally as possible.

Whether you’re starting from the ground up or getting a fresh look by re-branding, we can design logos and promotional items that are sure to impress.

Electronic File Requirements

1. Most product manufacturers require VECTOR art created in Illustrator or CorelDraw. These are both vector-based graphics programs. These files may be submitted in their native form or exported as .eps or .pdf. If fonts appear in the artwork, these should be converted to curves or outlines, or the font file should be submitted with the art. If you are submitting vector files created by your graphic designer, please ask that the aspect ratio of all outlines is maintained.

2. Raster Art (bitmap) images must be 300 dpi or higher at full print size. Bitmap files accepted are .psd (preferred), .jpg or .png. Note: Image resolution is size dependent. If an image is supplied at 300 dpi, and that image must be enlarged to 200% for printing, then the effective resolution has been reduced to 150 ppi.

3. Vector Art Print Colors must be supplied with a Pantone (PMS) number.

4. Colors, gradation and special effects appearing in bitmap or raster images should be submitted using the CMYK color model.

5. Please note that art copied from the internet, prepared in web-based design service or prepared in Microsoft Word or Publisher is usually not acceptable.

Layout & Design Requirements

Depending on the product ordered, there may be manufacturer guidelines which must be contained in the submitted artwork. Examples of these may include: imprint size, bleed allowance, allowable safe area for graphics, minimum point sizes for text, minimum line thickness, kerning, and multi-color registration issues.

If you have any questions about artwork, please contact us prior to creating art files which may be inadequate or unusable for the job at hand.

When submitting artwork, we can accept files up to 10 MB by conventional email. For larger files, please use a file transfer service such as drop box, wetransfer, google drive or others.

Please note: If you do not have the required graphics files, please let us know if you would like your artwork prepared by our graphics department. Our hourly rate for graphic services starts at $50.00/hour for most jobs.