Got the Fan-Fans delivered yesterday. They look great. Thanks! If you want to see them in action we will have our soccer game nationally broadcast on Fox Soccer Channel tonight. I’m sure they will get some airtime…hopefully, if we can score some GOALS!

J. Chandler – Hampton, VA

The coozies look amazing! I have to say, they are such a hit and everyone is super excited about them. We will try to order more later. Thank you for everything and I’ll talk to you soon!

Alzie – Jackson Hole, WY

We have the shirts!!!! Love the colors and the new and improved design. We haven’t finished unpacking the shirts and we’re selling them like crazy!!!!!!

Debbie – Engelhard, NC

We were extremely impressed with the shirts. Our graphic guy used to run a screen-printing business and he was highly impressed!!!!

M. Welch – Norfolk, VA

Cups = Rad as S*^t – PENS are fabulous! Came in yesterday. Thanks so much! We are headed out to get our Jim Cantore on!

J. Daniels – Emerald Isle, NC

We enjoyed meeting you face to face and genuinely appreciate Nancy , thank you for your recent visit and your thorough follow up and the great customer service.

K Yevak – Hampton, VA

Hey Chris!! They look so awesome!! Thank you and your team for the quick turnaround and (as usual) great quality work

A. Gray – Reston, VA